Thank you for asking to join the OnlyFans Directory

What happens next.
Now you need to subscribe using a safe payment method with PayPal subscription then after a few quick checks, you'll be up on the directory.
There is a small set up fee of $10 per directory and then $10 per directory per month. You can subscribe for as long or short as you wish. PayPal will automatically bill you for each month you are on the directory and you can cancel your subscription at any time by either letting us know here  or through PayPal. Now, for your last step just click on the PaypPal link below and choose the number of directories you have asked to join, enter your details and PayPal will do everything else for you.
To ensure that the directory allows subscribers to choose between the very best amateur creators we are going to make a few quick checks. 
What are we going to check:
  • We will check to see if you have in excess of 100 posts
  • We will check the ratio between the number of your posts and likes
  • That you have an active account
Once this all checks out we will get your account on the directory within
(If you are a new OnlyFans creator and applied for the new to OnlyFans category don't worry about the minimum number of posts.)
If everything checks out we will get your entry set up within 24hrs. Its as simple as that.
If in the future if you change your mind and no longer want to be on the directory that's fine too. You can cancel your subscription at anytime, just let us know and we will do it for you.
In very rare cases where creators appear to not meet the quality checks above we may ask for a short 24hr free access to ensure that subscribers are able to get a experience when visiting your OnlyFans. I promise we will leave a lot of likes behind and be able to get you onto the directory as fast as possible.

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